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Football what it offers

Football, also referred to as soccer, happens to be a sport which helps children to build and increase special technical abilities like agility, speed, strength, as well as stamina. It moreover teaches children the real consequence of teamwork and the way in which sports is able to have a positive effect on every player’s emotional, social, psychological, as well as physical development. There happen to be numerous areas in USA which offers adolescence sports programs, Austin being one of them. There are amateur Austin Indoor soccer and outdoor soccer leagues for diverse age bracket and skill levels. On you being a parent, it is vital to choose the Austin kids soccer league which matches your kids level and requirements. However, on having a doubt on the cedar park Indoor soccer/ outdoor soccer league which are the most excellent, you might need to speak to the people concerned and collect advices from other parents.

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Football its health benefits

Players require being truly fit, healthy, and nimble constantly. A great number of sports would be requiring kids to chase the ball and go jogging up and down the field. Such activities would be building up excellent endurance and speed. For building up coordination and nimbleness, activities such as dribbling and shooting can truly help a lot. By taking part in active games such as football, kids can get a great deal of health benefits like stronger bones and muscles, reduced possibility of developing diabetes mellitus, evading and controlling obesity, better blood circulation, and excellent lung expansion. The aerobic work out incorporated in their standard training promotes excellent cardiovascular strength ensuring that athletes do not run out of oxygen. At Soccer Cubs, We offer Austin’s 1# youth soccer development program, class, training and indoor soccer shots and tots for kids in Cedar Park, Austin. Our program is growing and we need another vibrant soccer enthusiast who has experience working with children to develop their soccer skills.

Football other benefits

When children play soccer in Austin for their side, they moreover develop their skill to work together and collaborate with added kids and their coach. And for winning the game, the whole team has to work collectively. Both defensive as well as offensive positions have to have an open line of communiqu to support each other throughout attacks. For getting the ball across the playing field, athletes have to pass the ball on to their associates by keeping an open line of communiqu such that they will identify where the ball must be passed next. Such cooperative activities are able to help adolescent athletes develop first-rate social skillfulness and self-assurance.

As football puts much emphasis on the accomplishment of the squad as an entity and not on the achievement of a single player, it happens to be a sport which the majority of children having less athleticism are likely to enjoy. Also this sport puts less stress on children and so lets them just get pleasure from their moments on the turf. At Soccer Cubs, We offer Austin’s 1# youth soccer development program, class, training and indoor soccer shots and tots for kids in Cedar Park, Austin. Our program is growing and we need another vibrant soccer enthusiast who has experience working with children to develop their soccer skills.

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Elite Boston Marathon runner Emily Levan discusses life and running

Elite Boston Marathon runner Emily Levan discusses life and running

Saturday, April 23, 2005

The interview below was conducted by Pingswept over the phone with Emily Levan on April 21, 2005. Levan lives in Wiscasset, Maine, with her husband and daughter, and she ran in the Boston Marathon women’s race on April 18, 2005.

To summarize for our readers, you recently came in 12th in the Boston Marathon, right?

That is correct.

You were the first American finisher.


There was also a Russian woman who lives in the US who finished ahead of you.

You know, I believe it is, I’m not actually positive, but I think you’re right. There’s often a lot of foreign runners that live and train in different parts of the US for a variety of reasons. Some live in Colorado and might train at high altitude, or they might have coaches in the US.

OK, but as far as you know, for straight up Americans, people who were born here, who have lived here for long periods of time and are not going anywhere special to train, you were the first finisher.

That is correct.

So congratulations, that’s very impressive. In the rest of your life, my understanding is that you are going to nursing school.

I am. I’m at the University of Southern Maine in Portland. and I have been going to nursing school for a couple years now. I’m just going part time right now because of the baby and other things going on in my world.

Your baby is currently one and a half?

She’s fifteen months.

Fifteen months, so one and one quarter. 1.25, sure.

Hopefully I’ll finish up nursing school in December. That is the tentative plan.

So you’re almost done.

I just have a couple classes left. I’ll take one class this summer and two classes in the fall.

You ran the Boston Marathon originally two years ago?

Actually, I ran it for the first time in 99. I’ve run it four times. I did run it two years ago as well.

You ran it two years ago, and you also came in twelfth then, if not the top American finisher then. You were the fourth?

I think third or fourth. I can’t remember exactly.

How long were you actually training for this marathon in particular?

I’d say about 4 months. I typically try to train about four months for each race. It depends a little bit on what kind of shape I’m in leading up to the training. Four months is usually the time frame I shoot for.

And how many miles a week were you doing–I assume you peaked somewhere right before the marathon.

At the peak, I have a month or six week period where I’ve built up to my peak training, and I was probably doing between 90 to 100 miles a week.

Was there a lot of variation in your day to day mileage, or was it pretty much you’re doing 1/7th of that mileage every day?

There’s definitely variation, probably more so in the type of workout that i did each day. For example two days a week I would do a speed workout, so I might be doing mile repeats, which just means that I do a mile in a specific time, and then I might jog for a couple minutes and then another one and another one. I’d do a series of eight mile repeats on that specific workout day. My other speed workout would be a marathon pace run, so I might run 8 or 10 miles at my marathon pace. If my marathon pace is 6 minute miles, I’d do a two mile jog warm up, and then I might do 8 or 10 miles at a six minute pace, and then a two mile cool down.

So you maybe end up running 14?

Sometimes what I would do on those speed workout days– on those days I might end up with about 14 miles. On some other days, I might run twice during the course of the day. Say in the morning, I might run eight miles, and then in the afternoon I might do six or eight more miles.


Those days tend to be a little bit more mellow. More of kind of a maintenance run, a little bit of a recovery day. I try to have a recovery day after every hard workout.

Do you think that all of your training could fit into four hours a day? Do you think that’s true?

You mean the workouts for a specific day? Probably even less than that. Depending on the day a little bit, probably between 2 or 3 hours. Usually on Sunday I would go out and do a long run, and that would be a 20 or 22 mile run, all in one fell swoop and that usually takes two and a half hours.

So that explains how you’re able to do this, as well as go to nursing school, as well as have an extremely young child. I assume you talk to your friends occasionally.

I try to at least– have some sort of social life. This is not a job, so it’s not something that I do 8 hours a day. It’s something that I fit in with all the other obligations, things that I like to do too. I like to be able to pursue other interests as well.

You live on a road with no one else near by. Do you pretty much just run from your house every day?

The winter is harder because with the baby, I often end up running with a treadmill down in the basement. Brad, my husband, has pretty long hours at the farm, and especially in the winter months, it’s hard to find daylight when he’s able to watch Maddy, so I ended up running a lot on the treadmill this winter, as opposed to last summer, I would take her with me. I have one of those baby joggers, and that was great. I could just leave right from the house, and I could take her. She would be pretty happy to go eight or ten miles with me. Typically what I do when I go outside, I just go right from the house. The roads are so pretty around here. We’re pretty secluded, so I don’t have to worry too much about crazy drivers.

Do you ever try to go find big hills to run up and down?

I do. In the past, I have done a hill workout as a part of my training, usually early on in the training during the first six weeks or 2 months of the training I do a hill workout and I would find some place close by that I could find a warm up jog and run to and then do a hill workout. If I couldn’t find one within a couple miles, I would drive to it. It’s a little bit harder now with Maddy because I don’t have as much leeway and freedom with when I go running and where I go running. I’m a little more limited.

You’d have to load up the cart, er, the carriage into the car.

I’ve done that sometimes. Sometimes it’s easier to go straight from home. Running with the jogger up hills is not an easy thing to do.

When you’re in the race, you feel like, “Hey, I’m not even pushing a kid anymore.” Heartbreak Hill without the kid is substantially easier, I suppose.


Do you know most of the elite runners in the race? You know who they are, but are you friends with them, or not really?

It’s funny–I know who people are, but I don’t run that many races to really get to know that many of the runners. If you’re a professional runner, and that’s your job, a lot of those people travel in the same circles. They run the same races and they have the same schedules in terms of when they compete. I pick out a couple of races each year to focus on and because of that, I don’t get to know as many of the runners. As time goes on, you do get a little bit you do get a little more familiar with people.

During the race, do you talk to the other runners, or do you just run along and think things like, “I wish I were at the end right now”?

I think that really depends I find that if I’m feeling good and the run is going well, then it’s easier for me to talk to people, just because you’re feeling strong, and you’re not focusing so much on “I’m not doing so great.” I might talk to some folks along the way. Sometimes if someone passes me, I’ll encourage them and say “Good job, go get them,” and just stuff like that. I certainly find I’m not carrying on lengthy conversations with people because you’re expending energy that should be focused on the race itself. I enjoy getting to know folks along the way and knowing what pace they’re hoping to run.

In races other than the Boston Marathon do you find that you have good competition? I don’t really know what the running scene in Wiscasset, Maine, is like at all, but I imagine that being the fastest female marathon runner in the United States, you might not find a whole lot of competition. You say that you encourage people when they pass you, but having read some of the other interviews with you on the web, it doesn’t seem like people pass you very often.

It definitely depends on the race. Like I said before, I don’t run that many races. At this point, what I’m trying to do is to find races that are competitive so I can be pushed by competition. For example, when I ran the Maine Marathon last fall, there wasn’t a whole lot of competition. That just gets hard. I ran alone for most of the race. Running 26 miles at a fast pace all by yourself without anyone around you to help push you and motivate you, can be pretty hard. Because of that, as I’ve been looking toward the future and thinking about which races I want to do, I’ve been targeting races that will have a little more competition. That’s why Boston was one that I wanted to shoot for and I’m thinking about in the fall going to Chicago because they’ve got a pretty competitive marathon. It’s also a pretty flat course, so people tend to run pretty fast times there.

Most people run a couple of minutes faster in Chicago, right?

Yeah, exactly. And I’ve heard good things about the race too, so I’m looking forward to that.

Have you thought about running internationally?

Not at this point, no. It’s hard to find the time to travel to races, and It gets expensive too. A lot of my family members say, “Wouldn’t it be great to do the London Marathon or the Paris Marathon,” because they like coming to watch. At this point, I think I’m going to stick closer to home. I’ve got a few races, like I was mentioning Chicago, here in the States that I’d really like to do. Maybe once I’ve done those, I might think about something else, it really just depends. A lot of it’s a time issue, because I have other things that I’m pursuing and it gets hard to spend too much time traveling off doing different races.

Do you know Alan Culpepper?

Oh, yeah, yeah.

You at least know of him, right?

Yes, exactly.

Have you ever been in any races against him?

This was the first race that I had run in that he ran in. He was the fourth overall male finisher. That’s a really good showing for an American male. I’ve read a lot about him in different running magazines and just heard a lot about him through running circles. But this was the first time that I’ve actually seen him run. It was neat because in this particular race, they start the women’s elite group about 25 minutes ahead of the rest of the start.

29 minutes actually, I believe.

That’s right, 29 minutes. So, I didn’t see a male runner until pretty close to the end, so it was really neat to see–I think I saw the top five male finishers because they passed me in the last couple miles. It was really interesting–there’s all these cars and press and motorcycles, policemen, so I could tell when the first male was coming up behind me because there was a lot more going on on the course. Alan Culpepper was one of the ones that passed me in the last mile or two. It was pretty neat to see him finishing strong.

You might not be able to beat him in a race but do you think you could maybe, I don’t know, beat him in a fist fight? He’s pretty skinny, right? He only weighs 130 pounds.

I don’t know. I don’t know. I wouldn’t make any bets on it at this point.



OK. Have you thought about doing things longer than a marathon? Like a 50 K or a 100 K?

At this point, I haven’t because I’ve gotten into the marathon, and I’ve really been enjoying that so far. I feel like I still have some room to improve and grow in the marathon, but I think at some point I’d really like to do one of those ultra-type races. For the next several years, I’ll stick towards the marathon distances. Once that competitive part of my life is over, I might move on to something different.

Based on your age, are you likely to peak around now, or you maybe have a few years to go before your legs start to fall off?

Before I can’t walk anymore? I don’t know. It’s really interesting because for marathoning you’ve got a longer life span than in a lot of competitive sports. The fifth place female finisher in Boston this year was over forty. You can still be competitive into your forties. I’m not sure if I’ll keep doing it that long– at least another 3 years or so. One thing in the back of my mind looking at is the Olympic Trials for 2008. I’m looking at that time frame right now. If I want to keep running competitively after that, then I’ll assess things from there.

That sounds good. When you came in as the first American finisher, did you get any certificates or cash or a medal or anything like that?

Yeah, actually, I won $2100.

Oh, great– two thousand bucks!

Which is pretty nice.

That’s a lot of baby clothes.

I know– or a lot of shoes. The shoe expense is pretty expensive, and I’ve been trying to find a shoe company that might give me some shoes.

I would think–couldn’t you just call up New Balance and say, “Hey, look, I’m pretty good, why don’t you give me some shoes?”

Well, this past November, after I ran New York– I usually wear Asics or New Balance– I wrote to both of those companies. I sent them a little running resume. I said I’d be interested in pursuing some sort of sponsorship opportunity, and they both wrote back and said, “Sorry, we don’t have any space or funds available at this time.” I was a little disappointed by that, because I was hoping to at least get someone to help me out with my shoes.

Yeah, at least some sneakers.

But in addition at Boston, they do have these crystal vases that they give out for the top 15 finishers, so I got a little piece of hardware there too.

So you get to put flowers in that.

I had some flowers in it; they’ve wilted so I decided to compost them.

Oh, that’s good.

Yeah, send them back to the earth, you know.

Has anyone else tried to interview you? Local paparazzi following you?

I hide in my car for most of the day. I did some local interviews–with the local NBC affiliate, and I’m going to do an interview tomorrow with the ABC affiliate in Portland, and some affiliated newspaper interviews as well.

You’re officially famous, then.

I don’t know. I guess. It’s been pretty busy.

Has anyone asked you for an autograph yet?

No. No autograph seekers yet, no.

Maybe in the Yellowfront Grocery in Wiscasset? “Hey, I know you!”

“I saw you on TV!” No, not yet.

That’s surely coming. The Chewonki Foundation, which is where you live, recently had Eaton Farm donated to it.


And they’re planning on making a 12 mile long trail that runs from approximately your house to Wiscasset.

Oh, you know more about this than I do, that’s great.

I don’t know if it’s going to start right at your front door; you might have to cut through the woods a little bit.

That’s OK, I can do that.

Have you run on trails at all, or is it just, “I want to run on the pavement because I don’t want to twist an ankle”?

I’m not a big trail runner. Maybe it’s because I’m not used to running on trails. Now it would be much more difficult, because I have the baby with me. The baby jogger has some nice wheels on it, but I don’t know if it could handle trail running.


It’s a nice change of pace every once in a while. I don’t worry too much about twisting an ankle–you just have to be careful. I figure I can walk out my door and step in a pothole and twist my ankle, so I don’t worry too much about that. That goes along with being alive in our world. We’ll see. I’m going to have to look into that 12 mile trail.

Because 12 miles, you do that there and back, you’ve got a marathon on your hands.

There you go.

What’s your next target? Can you walk right now?

If I train well, I’m usually not sore. Especially on the long runs, my body gets used to running for that length of time and sure, I’m running faster during the marathon than I do on my long runs, but I think my body tends to adjust to the rigors. It’s usually a good sign if a few days afterwards I don’t have any major soreness. I certainly feel like I’ve done something significant.

Yeah, I can imagine feeling too.

No major aches or pains.

That’s great. What’s your next race? Do you have one targeted? Is it Chicago?

Yeah, I think the next marathon will be Chicago in the fall. there’s a 10 K race, the Beach to Beacon, you may have heard of it.

In Portland?

It’s actually in Cape Elizabeth. It’s put on by Joan Benoit Samuelson. It’s in August, so I’ll probably do that one and then shoot for the fall marathon.

Well, I think that’s all my questions.

Nice, well, thanks for calling. I appreciate it.

Sure, well, thanks for running so fast.

No problem.

Knight to Leave Nike Top Job

Knight to Leave Nike Top Job

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Reuters has reported that Philip Knight, co-founder of shoe giant Nike, Inc. will step down as the company’s CEO and President on December 28. He will be replaced by William Perez, current CEO of S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.

While industry experts consider this to be a good move as the company looks to expand beyond its core market, analyst Jamelah Reddy expressed surprise that an individual from outside the company was brought in rather than tapping one of Nike’s co-presidents. Reddy said Knight was “leaving big shoes to fill.”

The move is a blow to activist organizations which have targeted the company for its use of sweatshop labor and other practices. For example, the progressive anti-consumerism magazine Adbusters recently introduced their “Black-Spot Sneaker” which they promote as being “for just one thing: kicking Phil Knight’s ass”.

Nike spokesman Kirk Stewart said Perez was chosen for his experience in dealing with international markets and brand-building, an important skill as Nike continues expansion internationally. Nike’s international sales now surpass domestic sales, reports Bloomberg.

According to ESPN, Knight was responsible for Nike’s endorsement contract with Michael Jordan, signed in 1984 when he was still a rookie with the Chicago Bulls. Jordan said of Knight, “To me, Phil Knight will always be recognized as a sports marketing visionary — he will always be a part of Nike. I learned so much about the industry from him and will always admire his drive and creativity.”

Knight, who according to Forbes gave no reason for his departure, intends to retain his position as the chairman of Nike’s board of directors. He will also hold on to his 28% voting share in the corporation, as well as his 92% share of the non-voting stock.

Cheap Furniture Tampa}

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Everyone needs somewhere to sit, a place to eat their meals, somewhere to lay their head at night, but not all can afford the luxury of the best/priciest furniture on the market to fulfill these needs. However, you do not have to eat your meals off of the top of a cardboard box either. There is a happy medium between the two which could be called the reasonably priced or inexpensive or even the cheap furniture Tampa market. The problem is not in finding the type of furniture that one needs, but in finding the pieces one craves without having to spend a ridiculous amount on them. Be thankful that there are cheap furniture alternatives in the Tampa area.

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Price is also not a determinant in style. Although some designers charge an exorbitant price for their work, that is not always the case. Some of the best brand name furniture can come at a lower price because the seller believes more in providing pieces that people need than promoting their name. Remember that expensive furniture is often like that Mercedes; most of the price is in the name. Do not be fooled by claims that furniture makers who charge a premium for their wares are also providing the best and most lasting product. The opposite could, in fact, be true. Instead of offering a product that will stand the wear and tear of real life, the furniture maker could be maximizing style and fancy materials while minimizing durability and practicality.

The buyer has to decide whether they will look at cheap furniture Tampa and possibly make the choice that could last them for the long haul, or simply choose the more expensive piece because of the name and then have to buy again after a few years. The best bet is to look at the furniture design and manufacture very carefully before looking at the name. If a a few pieces of furniture will fit your room, and one is cheaper than the other while maintaining the quality you desire, it would be ridiculous to choose the higher priced designer piece. Cheap furniture Tampa does not have to mean worse furniture.

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NASA’s Deep Impact probe strikes comet successfully

NASA’s Deep Impact probe strikes comet successfully
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Mar 19, 2017

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Monday, July 4, 2005

NASA’s Deep Impact probe collided with the comet Tempel 1 on Monday, as intended by scientists. The collision took place at 5:45 UTC and NASA held a press briefing shortly after at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, NASA’s non-manned space flight control center. A full-fledged press conference by NASA is scheduled to be at JPL on Monday afternoon at 2 p.m. PDT (9:00 UTC).

The experiment, intending to provide more information about the make up of comets, consisted of a 370 kg projectile being fired at the comet in order to observe and analyse the resultant impact. With information gleaned from the impact, the comet’s general make-up can be established and more accurate hypotheses regarding how the Solar system and the universe came to be.

Belgrade: demonstration against independent Kosovo escalates into riots

Belgrade: demonstration against independent Kosovo escalates into riots
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Mar 19, 2017

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

In Serbia’s capital Belgrade protesters have broken into the United States embassy, and have set fire to an office, which is now extinguished. The break-in followed massive protests against Kosovo’s independence that was declared last Sunday. A couple of hundreds of thousands protested in front of the parliament building in Belgrade when masked attackers broke into the building and tried to throw office-furniture out the windows. Estimations of a number of protesters vary between 150.000 and 2 millions.

Around 18:00, after the relay, a couple hundred rioters went to Kneza Milosa Street where the US embassy is located. At 18:15 they demolished a part of the embassy and burned it. They also attacked the Croatian embassy, which is around 100 meters from the US embassy on the same street. Around 19:00 police came and clashed with the rioters using tear gas. Riots were all over downtown Belgrade. As of 22:00 the situation was under control but there are still some riots in other streets.

The tear gas polluted a couple blocks, about 350 meters up to Vra?ar hill.

The nearby Croatian embassy was also attacked. Rocks were thrown at the Canadian embassy building. This could be due to the fact that Canada has not said yet if it recognises Kosovo. Embassies of Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, United Kingdom and Germany were also attacked.

One person was found dead at the ground floor of US embassy, around 150 people were injured, including 35 policemen. Around 100 rioters were arrested.

Dirk-Jan Visser, a photo-reporter for the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad was attacked by rioters. People helped him escape, and he has been taken into hospital with broken bones. He is expected to be kept in hospital until the next day. Ambulances and medical cars were called to the scene to help injured people and protesters, some cars were attacked.

Andrey Fyodorov and Andrey Pavlov, journalists of Russia Today, were also heavily attacked during the riots.

Two McDonald‘s restaurants on squares Terazije and Slavija were attacked. The restaurant on Slavija has been heavily damaged. Kiosks, stores and banks were robbed all over the centre of Belgrade. The protesters tried to attack radio/television station B92 but police had the scene under control.

“As long as we live, Kosovo is Serbia,” Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica told the crowd from a stage in front of the old Yugoslav parliament building in Belgrade, “We’re not alone in our fight. President Putin is with us”. A huge banner reading “Kosovo is Serbia” draped the front of the building.

In Washington, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack called out to the Serbian government to protect the U.S. Embassy. He said the U.S. ambassador was at his home and was in contact with U.S. officials.

The United States was one of the first countries, with the United Kingdom, France and Germany to recognize Kosovo as an independent state. Serbia however regards Kosovo as a province and is backed up in this by Russia, China and numerous other countries, including some European Union member states. Kosovo is 90% ethnic Albanian, with in the north a minority of ethnic Serbians. Belgrade has, however, not been in control over the Kosovo area since 1999, when United Nations took control.

High representative of the Serbian Radical Party, Aleksandar Vucic, said that “those who provoked Serbian people are equally responsible for destruction as rioters are.” President of Serbia Boris Tadic and President of the National Assembly Oliver Dulic and other ministers called on peace.

Crucifix in Northern Italy collapses, crushing man to death

Crucifix in Northern Italy collapses, crushing man to death
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Mar 18, 2017

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ahead of Sunday’s scheduled canonization of Pope John Paul II, in the Italian village of Cevo, a massive stone and wood crucifix dedicated to the late pontiff collapsed, instantly crushing a man to death and landing another in the hospital. Reports variously say the collapse took place on Wednesday or Thursday.

Marco Gusmini, 21, died after part of the wood of the crucifix splintered and broke, sending it, along with the attached statue of Jesus Christ, toppling to the ground. He was reportedly posing for a photograph under the monument.

The mayor of Cevo, Silvio Citroni, termed the incident “an unexplainable tragedy. A young life, so many hopes destroyed this way”. Describing the tragedy, he elaborated, “The young people were making a snack for lunch and when they heard the crunching noises coming from the cross they fled in all directions. Unfortunately Marco ran in the wrong direction.” Citroni also said the crucifix had undergone maintenance work last summer. “This is a place for pilgrimages and family visits. We never imagined that something like this could happen.” In light of the untimely tragedy, he said, plans for any further celebrations to commemorate the late pontiff’s impending canonization have been scrapped.

Sculptor Enrico Job designed the crucifix, which stood 100 ft (30 m) tall; curved unusually to symbolize, reportedly, the scars of World War II; mounted with a 20 ft (6 m) tall statue of Jesus Christ weighing 1,320 lbs (600 kg). Commissioned to commemorate Pope John Paul II’s 1998 visit to Brescia, and reportedly originally erected at a stadium there, the crucifix was moved to its present location in nearby Cevo in 2005.

Gusmini and his parents reportedly lived on Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, a street in Lovere named after another late pontiff to be canonized alongside Pope John Paul II, Pope John XXIII. In celebration of this double canonization, Rome is expected to play host to 19 heads of state, 24 heads of government, and some 800,000 Catholic pilgrims, visiting from around the world, according to the Interior Ministry of Italy.

Moving Survival Box

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Mar 16, 2017

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By G Kharchenko

Pack a box of items that you will need immediately alter your move. Load this box on the truck last so it will come oil the truck first. Start collecting the items for this box early so that it can be partially packed the final week before your move. Leave room in the box to add last minute items on moving clay. It should contain such things as:

-Paper plates, cups, and napkins

-Eating utensils

-Pots and pans

-Canned or boxed food items


-Coffee machine, coffee mugs, coffee, fillers, and sugar packets

-Remote controls to the television and stereo equipment (remove batteries if the move is long-distance)

-Instruction manuals

YouTube Preview Image

-Kids’ toys (remove any batteries), videos, etc.

-Baby supplies

-Telephone, answering machine, and telephone list

-Paper towels, tissues, and toilet paper


-Cleaning supplies

-Alarm clock/radio (remove any batteries)

-Dishcloth and towels

-Can opener/wine opener

-Wine/champagne glasses

-Keys lo clocks, cabinets, jewelry chest, etc.

-Household light bulbs and a flashlight (remove batteries)

-First-aid kit: aspirin, bandages, antiseptics, prescriptions,


Pet Food and Supplies

Toolbox supplies and picture hooks that you have removed from your walls.

Also include any items that will make the first few days in your new location go more smoothly. You may also want to mark your stereo equipment, television, and computer boxes (blankets, sheets, towels, and shower curtain) with the words “OPEN IMMEDIATELY.” Hand carry removed batteries with you. The goal of preparing a survival box is to get your life back to normal as quickly as possible after your move.

The remote control just walked away! We sold our big-screen television to the new owners of the house. However, the packers inadvertently packed the remote control. I discovered the remote when I was unpacking at the new house, and I immediately mailed the remote to the new owners with an apologetic note for the inconvenience. Courtesy counts in a move and is always greatly appreciated.

You do not plan to hire a cleaning service to clean your house after it is empty, you will need to pack a box of cleaning supplies to do this job yourself (refer to the checklist in Chapter Bight). Pack this box (the final week prior to your move. Since the movers cannot transport cleaning supplies in the moving van (refer to the section of this chapter called Eliminating Hazardous Materials), after you have finished cleaning your- house you will need to move this box in your own car. Dispose of the supplies appropriately, or donate them to a neighbor or to cleaning personnel. Add the names of supplies that you dispose of to the list of items to replace after the move.

I am hoping that this information will make your life easier when you are moving. Moving is very difficult task and having survival box is very important. When you have most important things handy, your move becomes a lot easier for you and your family. Take notes, create checklist of items you need in your survival box and when you move go over it with your family and make sure that everything you need for your everyday life is conveniently available upon arrival at your destination.

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Wikinews interviews You-peng Wang of Taipei Electrical Commercial Association

Wikinews interviews You-peng Wang of Taipei Electrical Commercial Association
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Mar 16, 2017

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Besides becoming a political stomping ground for the Pan-Green and Pan-Blue coalitions, there are other changes from past years of Taipei Audio Video Fair (TAVF). With those changes in mind, Wikinews reporter Rico Shen interviewed You-peng Wang, chairman of the Taipei Electrical Commercial Association (TECA), the main organizer of TAVF, about the 60th year anniversary of TECA and the changes to the show.